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Principal Investigator 
Associate Professor in the College of Rehabilitation Sciences, University of Manitoba and a Research Affiliate in Riverview Health Centre and the Centre on Aging. He currently holds the “Gerry McDole Professorship in Improved Healthcare Delivery to Rural, Remote, and Underserved Populations of Manitoba”. His current research program focuses on developing and implementing smart solutions that can enhance the quality of life of seniors living with disabilities or chronic conditions. His research focuses on delivering telerehabilitation services to people with chronic stroke, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis who live in the community
Ayah Alnahhal

PhD Student in the Applied Health Sciences program of the University of Manitoba.

Funmi Olatoye
PhD Student in the Applied Health Sciences program of the University of Manitoba. He is a member of the team working on Digital Health Technologies solutions for older adults living with cognitive impairments in the community. His PhD work focuses on the Outcome and Impact Evaluation of Hybid-Telerehabilitation on Stroke survivors in First Nation Communities.

Sarah Azizkhani
MSc Student
Jasem Bani Hani
MSc Student, hand telerehabilitation
Amarzish Qadeer
MSc Student, Ai-powered behaviour monitoring (Graduated)
Francois Prats

MSc Student, Digital budget management solutions for people with TBI 

Silas Muller

Summer Student Telerehabilitation technology 2023

Ali Maddahi, PEng, PhD
Postdoc 2019-2022, Sensor-based solutions for at-home telerehabilitation 
Eloise Zaghrini

Summer Student 2021

Celine Murdock
Indigenous consultant
Siddhi Pandare

Summer Student 2021

Joel Desilets
Research Assistant 2021
Nathalie Kaboha

Research Assistant 2021

Mohammad-Masoud Shabanijou
Research Assistant 2021
Safeena Shajani

Summer Student 2020

Ryan East
Research Assistant 2019-2020
Sophia Mbabaali

Summer Student 2019-2020

Anna Polyvyana

Research Assistant and Summer student 2019-2020

Amir Nassiri
Research Assistant 2019-2020
Noemie Laguelle

Summer Student 2019

Camille Sivelle

Summer Student 2019

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