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iRobohabilitation Lab

iRobohabilitation Lab is a long-term industrial partnership with Tactile Robotics, located in the SmartPark Research & Technology Park in Winnipeg.

haptic hand

Smart Glove - Haptic-enabled hand telerehabilitation platform


VR-powered full body exercise system


VR-powered full body exercise system (Gait, Yoga-based tasks)

Data Streamer

DataRX-W™ is a state-of-the-art wireless sensor reader that comprises at least one data streamer and one receiver. DataRX-W™ records and streams sensor data to the data receiver. The receiver plugs into our custom RX-UI™ software. RX-UITM plots sensor data, interprets them in a real time fashion, and provides advanced statistical data analysis. DataRX-W™ can mount to any surface with the provided straps. Upon request, we can supply DataRX-W™ for use with multiple data receivers.

data streamer

DataRX-W™ provides orientation data and dynamic information in 3D:

  • roll, pitch and yaw (Euler) angles
  • linear accelerations (3 DOFs)
  • angular accelerations (3 DOFs)
  • angular velocity (3 DOFs)
  • magnetic field (3 DOFs)
  • jerk components (3 DOFs)
  • several key performance indicators (KPIs).

DataRX-W™ can record, analyze, and plot real-time data from a variety of sensor units. This makes DataRX-W™ a powerful, multipurpose tool. DataRX-W™ provides crucial data and analysis for applications such as robotics, navigation, control, augmented reality, virtual reality, gaming, and more. DataRX-W™ includes our custom RX-UI™ software, which is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. RX-UI™ allows to record and store sensor data from the connected DataRX-W™ sensor reader for future use - view the performance report for each sensor recording at any time - and calibrate sensors to provide the most accurate results for your environmental setup.