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Smart Suite is a replica of living quarters that is equipped with mHealth tools and platforms to monitor the activities of its occupants. Backed by a telemedicine infrastructure, the Smart Suite will include such enhancements as Doppler radar, smart floor mats and motion sensors designed to detect time, location and frequency of movement and certain activities like going to the bathroom, bathing, opening the refrigerator, washing hands and resting in bed or on the living room couch.


A clone of our Ambient Asssisted Living Suite (multi-user platform)


Architectural Drawing


iRobohabilitation Lab is a long-term industrial partnership with Tactile Robotics, located in the SmartPark Research & Technology Park in Winnipeg.


VR-powered full body exercise system (Gait, Yoga-based tasks)



Haptic-enabled hand telerehabilitation platform 


haptic hand

"home-made" Equipment


DataRX-W™ is a state-of-the-art wireless sensor reader that comprises at least one data streamer and one receiver. DataRX-W™ records and streams sensor data to the data receiver. The receiver plugs into our custom RX-UI™ software. RX-UITM plots sensor data, interprets them in a real time fashion, and provides advanced statistical data analysis. DataRX-W™ can mount to any surface with the provided straps. Upon request, we can supply DataRX-W™ for use with multiple data receivers.

data streamer

DataRX-W™ provides orientation data and dynamic information in 3D:

  • roll, pitch and yaw (Euler) angles
  • linear accelerations (3 DOFs)
  • angular accelerations (3 DOFs)
  • angular velocity (3 DOFs)
  • magnetic field (3 DOFs)
  • jerk components (3 DOFs)
  • several key performance indicators (KPIs).

DataRX-W™ can record, analyze, and plot real-time data from a variety of sensor units. This makes DataRX-W™ a powerful, multipurpose tool. DataRX-W™ provides crucial data and analysis for applications such as robotics, navigation, control, augmented reality, virtual reality, gaming, and more. DataRX-W™ includes our custom RX-UI™ software, which is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. RX-UI™ allows to record and store sensor data from the connected DataRX-W™ sensor reader for future use - view the performance report for each sensor recording at any time - and calibrate sensors to provide the most accurate results for your environmental setup.


The FabLab enables innovators to create health solutions that seamlessly run across the healthcare system, by offering opportunities to use digital development environments (e.g. VR) and to use a lab space to develop ergonomic solutions (e.g. adapt a bathtub) and print physical parts using our AON-M2 3D printer (e.g., a grab bar, a robot body).